Waves, coherent structures, and turbulence 2019

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Waves, coherent structures, and turbulence

When and where?

30th October - 1st November 2019

School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)

Download here the route indications, the UEA campus map, and the Norwich Research Parrk map.

Aim of the workshop

The workshop will bring together physicsts and applied mathematicians researching in the area of waves, coherent structures and turblulence. The even has four sessions corresponding to the following themes:

Each session will have an introductory lecture on the theme (aimed at the non-experts) and then a handful of more specific talks. The participation of PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers to the event is particularly encouraged. Depending on the numbers of participants, a formal poster session might also take place.


Please find here the program of the workshop.

List of speakers

List of posters

Pictures of the event

Welcome party


Tour of Norwich city centre

Social dinner

Fees and financial support

There are no workshop fees. Accommodation and meals will be covered for all the participants (up to a limit of 30 partipants in total).

Limited funds are available to cover travel expenses. If you require financial assistance for your travel, please mention it during your registration.


To register to the workshop and express your willingness to present a talk or a poster, please contact Davide Proment.


Funding agencies